Who We Are

Jay King began his career in stained glass in 1972. Just out of high school, he went to work at Hawk and Handsaw, his uncle’s architectural antique business in Chicago, where he learned how to repair stained glass windows. Later he moved to Austin and hooked up with Renaissance Glass Company, where he became proficient in stained glass construction. In 1988, he moved to Little Rock, Arkansas.  He worked for a wholesale glass company in North Little Rock for a few years, and in 1993 he established his own stained glass studio which he named Arkansas Glassworks.

Stained Glass workshopAs a glass artist, Jay has shown his work in juried exhibitions. He creates mosaics and windows from glass tile, natural rock, and found objects. In his spare time he creates whimsical “tiny golems” out of clay, which he sells on Etsy.

Working for churches is Jay’s passion. He has created windows for Arkansas churches of all sizes, but he prefers to work with smaller congregations. He prides himself on giving these churches quality stained glass at very fair prices. And getting to know members of a congregation and sharing in their hopes and joys when they are improving their houses of worship are two of the blessings of his job.

Jay also hosted a photoblog of Arkansas churches, although it has not been updated for some time. You can find it here.